Friday, September 11, 2015

4 Tips for Self Discipline During School

Going back to school after summer vacation can be really hard.  So much self discipline is needed (espcially for those with school at home) and so much of that discipline dissappears during the summer months.  I'm here to give you some tips that you may or may not have heard before, that can help you help yourself keep on track.

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4 Tips for Self Discipline During School
  1. Time yourself and pace yourself.  I cannot stress how much this has already helped me with being productive.  If you start the day by picking out a random subject and going with it until your brain feels like mush, more time was wasted than learning was done.  What I like to do is begin my day with either music practice or some easy reading.  This way I don't tire super quickly, and from there I ease into more time consuming projects.  However, whenever I start a larger project I set either an easily achievable goal or a time limit.  This way I never end up running off to do something else (non-school related).  Remember, switch up your subjects every hour or two.
  2. Try and delve into each subject each day.  I have found that this helps me to retain all the information so much better, and also helps with the time management part.  Especially with learning languages or insturments (and obviously with math even though it may be dreaded), this can help you to remember to practice playing your instrument, go through those french flashcards, or do those 25 math problems. 
  3. Take some breaks.  Remember to take breaks, however, make sure they don't take up the rest of the day.  For me, going onto the internet for my break is bad news.  I usually end up wasting so much time during my "break", and also find it harder to focus afterward.  Maybe make your self a snack, or drink a glass of water and check instagram or something.  This way you have something to do that takes a small amount of time, but still is not school related.  
  4. Write down study goals.  I never used to do this, and started recently.  I found that writing down specific things to do that day for certain classes helps me to complete step 1 (Timing and Pacing yourself).  An example would be to write "Read pages 217-230 of Chemistry", or "Complete Excercises 1a-15c of Spanish Homework"

I really hope these tips help you this year to study better and become more efficient with your homework!  What are your Favorite things to help you study?

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