Monday, November 3, 2014


I'm not perfect...not even close.

For a perfectionist like myself, those words are hard to swallow. I want to do everything perfectly and absolutely positively never fail. Truth is, is that it's impossible to be perfect. I'm only human. I'm a forgetful clumsy adolescent. It's devastating when I get a bad grade or do something wrong because I always try to do my very best, but sometimes that's not good enough.
There is only one person who lived on this earth who is truly perfect. Jesus. Even though we're weak and broken he picks up the shattered pieces of ourselves and puts us back together again. He carries our burdens so that we can be free. Even though we make mistakes, he always forgives us and loves us.
Isn't that a beautiful thing? A savior that will never let us down and will always love us now and forever.

We are perfect in his eyes. <3