Tuesday, July 22, 2014

His Handy Work

I sit on the edge of the dock.
 Letting my legs hang into the refreshing iridescent water.
The slow wind picks up my blonde locks and makes them dance in its direction.
 I breathe in the fresh air of fresh pine trees that are on either side of the lake. 
I smell the honeysuckles reaching out of the forest letting its scent carry through the wind,
and here I am,
sitting here on the worn wooden dock alone with nature. 
I look up at the baby blue sky. 
The wispy clouds stretch across nature's ceiling. 
The sun shines on the lake,
making it sparkle and twinkle with ever movement in the lake. 
I see my reflection in the mirror of water.
 My hair, a mess by the wind blow, and I wear a smile of pure contentedness. 
All around me music is playing. I hear a bird's faraway song, the crickets' lull, a splash of a fish, and a low deep croak coming from a frog. 
I feel as if nature is one with me.
Like the world is paused for just a moment.
Giving me a chance to breathe in and out.
 a chance to finally marvel at his creation.