Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Praise Him With Song //

Hello!  My name's Maiya :)

Lately I've been listening to a lot of music because, you's SUMMER!  I've been loving listening to Hillsong United, Tenth Avenue North, All Sons and Daughters, and
REND COLLECTIVE (rend collective....weird name, I know!  XD )

Rend Collective is probably my favorite group to listen to right now.  They have a very interesting style of music.  It's kind of folk-ish but also modern and.....Irish.  Just a very interesting mix of many different styles.  But for some reason, it really works!  They are so unconventional and different but best of all, the lyrics in some of their songs really HIT YOU.  Well, they hit me at least ;)  You know what I mean?  When once and a while the lyrics in a song just jump out at you and you're like.....woah.

Sooooo many of their songs speak to me personally and really help me in times of doubt.  They help me to remember that God is GOOD.  He wants us to be joyful and to go through this world living in such a way that we radiate His glory!  We should be joyful because the GOD and CREATOR of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE cares about US!  And that.....when you think about it, is pretty awesome ;)

They have two albums and one of them (my favourite one!) is called The Art of Celebration.  It's about praising and worshipping God and a lot about joy.  It's so much fun to listen to and to sing/dance to :) Here's a playlist of their "The Art Of Celebration" album (my favourites are the last three!) ~ Enjoy!

Let me know which songs you like best and if any of the lyrics really speak to you!



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  2. Oh My Goodness! More than Conquerors has been one of my favorites for a long time -- and then it was the theme song at my summer camp! (I have a post about camp here: Rend Collective is such an awesome band!